02 October 2016

[Tips] Four Little Known Secrets for Fantasy Premier League Managers

Here are five secrets and hints for Fantasy Premier League managers, refer to an experiences manager post.

Cheap overachieving defenders and goalkeeper
Don’t spend on expensive defenders or goalkeeper, especially early on in the current season. Since it’s so usual for defenders to pull just 1-2 points each week, the preferred formation is 3-4-3, or 3-5-2. Later on in the season once your team value is sizzling, you may switch a cheaper defender for a big hitter.
Join Head-to-Head (HtH) league and prepare for next opponent
By checking your next opponent’s team, you can plan your transfers, line-up, formation, or captain so you won’t lose this battle. It doesn’t mean you go overboard and totally overhaul your team based on opponent’s team. It just means checking out opponent’s perspective. Opponent will often have a player who is consistently bringing in points.

 Transfers on late Saturday or early Sunday and Wednesday nights
The Fantasy Premier League website updates a player’s value based on his transfers in and out ratio. This means after the games we should confidently make transfer(s) before everyone else. If a player under performed on Saturday, don’t wait too long until later in the week to sell him. Sell him before his value drops. By Wednesday night you should have important updates on injuries and possible rotation for the bigger clubs’ upcoming fixtures. A common strategy is to make 1-2 immediate moves Sunday, feel out the midweek, and save a transfer for late in the game week in case a player picks up a training injury or didn’t recover from injury in time.
Build Team Value!
Building team value until late in the season is the most important tip. Make transfers 36 out of 38 weeks with 1-3 transfers per week. You can go for the in-form players you think the masses will buy. If Islam Slimani scored a goal and had two assists, you can buying him. Buy player(s) early and sell if not performing for 2 consecutive weeks. Don't be patient with players who doesn’t perform 2 weeks in a row, doesn’t matter if it’s Aguero or Ibra. Get them out from your team before their value drops and get someone else who’s heating up like Heung-Min Son. The key is to balance each week’s transfers points deduction, minus 4 points or  minus8 points, especially early on in the season. Don’t mind to taking a hit for a few weeks early on because we know after January when most people will have 1-2 strong forwards, we can pull Aguero, Ibra, and Benteke until May while still having a monster midfield.

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